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LR-W series - Self-Contained Full-Spectrum Sensor

This Full-Spectrum sensor features unmatched detecting capabilities that allows it to complete the simplest to the most complex applications with ease.

LR-T series - Self-contained TOF Laser Sensor

The LR-T Series of reflective sensors represents a seamless fusion of innovative technology and robust functionality.

CV-X series - Intuitive Vision System

State-of-the-art algorithms are available for anyone.
Quick and easy setup.
One system can handle all applications due to the wide variety of supporting products.

Featured Shows

January 30, 2017
  • Sense Intelligently
  • All About Dimension Measurement
  • Blow Away The Static
  • Wide Range of Inspections
  • 4 Unique Functions of Laser Marker
  • Applications of Microscope in Different Industry
  • Positioning/Motion Control System
  • Sensing From Short to Long Range
January 23, 2017
  • Diverse Analyses with a Digital Microscope
  • Accurate Detection of Black and Metal Workpieces
  • First Time Operating a Vision System?
  • Dimension Measurement in 3, 2, 1
  • Would You Choose Profilometers?
  • Contact Sensors with a 26-Year Track Record
  • Guidebook to Understand Laser Further
  • The Key to Get Traceability
  • Advanced Functions of a Touch Panel
January 16, 2017
  • 3 Transformations - Laser Sensors
  • Doing Measurements In Electronic Industry?
  • Go Beyond The Usual Vision Inspections
  • Combine 4 Microscopes Into 1
  • Saving Your Space Using a Touch Panel
  • Are You A User Of Optical Comparator?
  • Useful Information for Laser Marker Users
  • 16 Q&A about Static Eliminator

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Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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