• Ultra-Compact
    Static Eliminator
    with Static Electricity Visualisation

    Compact Fan Static Eliminator SJ-L Series

Ultra-compact! Palm-sized

  • The SJ-L Series uses proprietary technology to provide high-speed
    static elimination in an ultra-compact body.
    Installation is now possible at almost any location, the SJ-L series can be mounted in tight places where installation of a normal static eliminator would not be possible. With this SJ-L series, we can easily retrofit it onto your equipment.
  • Preventing Electrostatic discharge (damage) during PCB transfer

  • Static electricity eliminated from cups
    before filling

Static electricity visualisation

  • The SJ-L Series uses a visible light to show the area of electrostatic charge of an object. This makes it possible for the user to see clearly if static elimination has been completely achieved.

For details, download the catalogue.

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