• Shadowgraph
    IM-7000 Series

    • Measure up to 99 dimensions in seconds
    • One button, 'Just Place & Press' operation
    • Intuitive point-and-click programming
    • Automatic storage of measurement results
    • Single-click generation of customisable inspection reports                    
  • What is the IM Series?

    The KEYENCE IM Series Image Dimension Measurement Device is designed to help drastically reduce inspection times on a wide range of precision parts. Up to 100 simultaneous measurements can be performed in seconds to a repeatability of +/-0.1 microns.

  • Why Use the IM Series?

    Besides sub-5-second measurement times, the IM Series offers simple, one-button operation, helping to eliminate user error and deliver uniform measurement results regardless of operator skill level or experience.

  • Taking Measurements

    Simply place up to 99 simultaneous parts on the stage and press the measurement button to have the system instantly measure all visible programmed dimensions.

    Due to it's ease of use, there's no special training or experience required to use the IM Series. Any operator can place their part, press the button and generate the exact same measurement result.

  • Programming and Reporting

    Programs are easy to setup. Simply measure a part, select the dimensions you need, set the tolerance range and save. The next time you place a part on the stage it uses pattern recognition technology to decide the part and perform the required measurements.

    Built-in data management and programming interfaces, enable the creation of custom inspection reports and measurement data with just a few clicks.

  • Precision Pressed Parts

  • Precision Moulded Parts

  • Springs & Turned Parts

  • Mounted Parts

  • Why KEYENCE?

    KEYENCE has been an industry leader in automation technology since 1974. KEYENCE's direct sales team visits customers with live demo equipment to find the best possible solution for all applications.

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