Instant Measurement System - Now anyone can measure with accuracy, precision & consistency. 

This automated dimension measurement system is changing the way we measure. Reliable, precise & accurate measurements can be obtained instantly saving precious resource. This machine is ideal in replacing conventional offline inspection instruments like :

- Optical Comparator - Profile Projector - CMM - Measuring Scope - Caliper - GD&T - Video Measurement Systems - 

Meet global measurement specifications in all fields & industry with precision & repeatability. All this without the need of a skilled user.

Learn how the IM Series can transform the way you measure & reduce your operational costs! This catalogue covers examples of applications in various industries.

  • New Version General Catalogue

  • 3 BIG problems in the industry:
    • Slow measurement/inspection up to minutes 
    • Inconsistent results 
    • Complicated processes and data collection

    Solutions from the IM Series:
    • Measure up to 99 dimensions on a part within 5 seconds
    • 3 built-in automated functions to eliminate operator error 
    • Intuitive interface allows easy set up and data storage 

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