• Easy Installation Virtually Anywhere
    Ultra-Compact Ionizer
    Compact Fan Static Eliminator 
    SJ-L Series

Ultra Compact Size at 1/5 the size of Conventional Models

  • This static eliminator adopts an ultra-compact design not found in conventional models. The SJ-L Series uses proprietary technology to provide high-speed static elimination in an ultra-compact body. Installation is now possible at almost any location, the SJ-L series can be mounted in tight places where installation of a normal static eliminator would not be possible. With this SJ-L series, we can easily retrofit it onto your equipment.

  • Preventing blockage at parts feeder

  • Preventing pinholes on film

Compact yet full of features
The SJ-L Series offers a wide variety of functions in a compact body. 
This sophisticated static electricity eliminator offers high-performance capabilities beyond conventional models.

  • Static electricity visualisation.
    Allows the user to see the effects of the static elimination.

    Determine how charged an object is at a glance.
    Prevent trouble caused by static electricity and easily confirm operation at startup.

  • Maintain Static electricity elimination capabilities without the need for external air supply.

    Equipped with ultra-compact custom made fan that is  incorperated into the compact body design, there is no need to supply air from a compressor as the custom made fan can generate it’s own airflow.

  • Highly safe and reliable.

    Ion alarm and other alarm output are included as standard  In the event of malfunction during operation, the SJ-L series will notify users for maintenance.

For details, download the catalogue.

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