• Surface Inspection Series

    • New inspection algorithms to solve complex applications of appearance inspection.
    • Quick setup and long-term surface inspection are ensured.
    • High speed and high performance are ensured.
    • Free demonstration and test reports are available.

    Download the free Surface Inspection Series General Catalogue for more information 
  • NEW! Full-Spectrum Illumination 

    Multi-spectrum lighting incorporating LEDs in right colours and a dedicated control circuit. Extremely accurate sorting and checking can be done even between slight colour or height differences. 

  • LumiTrax Tuning Function

    LumiTrax function eliminates conventional imaging problems such as lighting, noise and other surface conditions. This reduces the time spent on imaging process tremendously.

  • NEW! Auto-Teach Inspection Tool

    The newly incorporated function allow settings just by running NG parts. This makes it easy for anyone to set up and maintain the stable surface inspection using their vision inspection machines.

  • Suitable Applications

    Vision Inspection Applications: absence/surface inspection, alignment or dimension measurement, OCR, ID inspection, vision-guided robotics, 3D inspection, positioning check. 

Find out more about Surface Inspection with this free download.

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