• Thickness Measurement 

    LK-G5000 Series
    • Respond accurately and quickly to any situations 
    • Extremely stable measurements on any target 
    • Highest repeatability and accuracy in its class 

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  • Stable Thickness Measurement

    Get stable thickness measurement regardless of the conditions of the surface such as coarse, fine, transparent or reflective targets. 

  • Controller Selection

    Simultaneous measurement with up to 12 sensor heads.                3 selections: remote control, direct control & touch panel control.

  • Convenient Calculation Functions

    Instantly calculates value based on measurements obtained by more than 1 head, complicated measurement can be done easily.

  • RS-CMOS Feature

    Pixel width and number of pixels in the CMOS are all doubled up to get the highest accuracy and speed in the world. 

  • Glass Board Thickness

  • HDD Reader Measurement

  • Connector Height

  • Electrode Thickness

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