Visualisation of
Static Elimination and Dust Removal
NEWCompact Built-In-Amplifier Static Eliminators

Blower type / Nozzle type / Gun type

Using colour to visualise
static elimination
Blower type Nozzle type

The visualising light enables instantaneous confirmation of the elimination of static.
The effects can be checked easily both during startup and operation.

  1. Static electricity present
  2. No static electricity

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Using light to visualise
static elimination
Gun type

The dust check light greatly improves the visibility of dust removal.
Even microscopic foreign particles, which can result in defective workpieces, can be found.

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Ultra-compact blower type

Compact Fan Static Eliminator
SJ-LF Series

Multi-angle structure
that can be mounted anywhere

Compact Nozzle Static Eliminator
SJ-LM Series

Impressive dust removal performance
3× more powerful

Ultra-durable, High-power Static Elimination Gun
SJ-LG Series

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