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          Newsletter 2014

          February 05, 2014

          Subject :

          Learn the Advantages of Utilizing Digital Microscope and it Can Save You Thousands to Millions of Dollars!

          An Introduction to the "Three Basics of Magnified Observation" Using a Collection of Examples by Industry
          To incorporate the "Three Basics of Magnified Observation" we will introduce you to examples in various industries in which the advantages of a digital microscope have been fully utilized.
          Have a look at these examples from various industries, including the use of a digital microscope to...
          ・Meet the end-user's ever increasing quality demands...
          ・Avoid the occurrence of damages in the order of several hundreds of thousands to several million dollars resulting from a single defect...
          ・Perform urgent analysis as a result of not being able to operate the manufacturing line until the cause of a problem is clearly understood...
          Color Camera Support & Easy Setup - The IV Series "Vision Sensor"
          The Vision Sensor has been equipped with an automatic focus and automatic iris function that enable anyone to capture clear and optimal images with ease. Even a first time user can easily setup the Vision Sensor without the use of a manual.
          Are there areas where you have given up on detection due to misalignment from transportation or unstable reflection?
          The IV Series can use area to view the target, thus allowing for stabilized judgment.
          A wide variation of sensor heads is available to accommodate everything from color type to distance, expanding the range of available support even when installation space is limited.
          Feel free to have a look.
          The Latest from Our Image Processing Basics Series - Vol. 7 "Trend Edge Tool"
          Volume 7 of our Image Processing Basics Series is about KEYENCE's original measuring tool, the Trend Edge Tool. The Trend Edge Tool can be used in a wide range of applications from detecting the position of circles and lines to burr and chip inspection.
          This is an introduction to the "Trend Edge Tool", a tool that can be used for various types of inspection, including the inspection of burrs and chips that have been obtained from distances following the detection of circles and lines from edge detection that encompass a maximum of 5,000 segments. Used in conjunction with flaw inspection, this tool performs surface inspection which is regarded as something that only KEYENCE can provide.
          Touch and Experience. Instant Measurement. IM Series.
          The IM Series ensures accurate "Place-and-Press" dimensional measurement. You can experience this IM Series on the web. Feel free to try this experience.
          We Are Now Offering Materials and Software at No Cost! Easily Improve Equipment Production Capacity by Just Changing Your PLC!
          Introducing the KV Nano Ultra-High Speed Compact PLC! At least 14 times the speed of conventional PLCs!
          Haven't you change to KEYENCE KV Nano? It has become a popular topic of conversation in the electronic components industry that includes LEDs, coils, and inductors.
          By using KV Nano, which allows stabilized, high-speed processing, it is possible to easily improve production capacity, even with the same equipment.
          However, you may be thinking that KEYENCE ladder programming seems difficult because you have no experience. But fear not, we are currently offering complimentary materials regarding replacement of your current PLC, so that you can quickly understand the basics of KEYENCE PLC programming.
          Feel free to take this opportunity and try it out.

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          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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