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          Newsletter 2014

          February 17, 2014

          Subject :

          Get Answers to All Your Questions Concerning Effective Tracebility_Latest Guidebook from KEYENCE!

          2D Code Reader Technical Guidebook
          Become an Expert in Understanding 2D Code Reader Systems.
          This guidebook answers many questions that may arise when introducing 2D code system such as; What is the most desirable data format? What are the best types of 2D codes to use? How can the code's footprint be reduced? Download the guide below in order to increase effectiveness or implement completely new traceability systems.
          Pushing the Limits of 1D Laser Displacement Technology
          1D Laser Displacement Sensor Technology Speeds Up Again!
          1D laser displacement sensors can now do more than ever with its ultra fast speeds, sub-micron accuracies, and easy multi-head integration:
          • Fastest in the World: 392kHz
          • Highest Accuracy in its Class: ±0.02%
          • Highest Repeatability in its Class: 0.005μm
          Do You Have a Challenging Color Detection Application?
          Discover Our RGB Digital Color, Luster & UV Sensors!
          The CZ-V Series offers a variety of sensor heads to choose from and the ability to detect color, luster, and UV. With three different sensing modes and options such as an adjustable beam spot and luster cancellation, this series is sure to meet your application needs!

          Download our free brochure today to learn how the CZ-V Series can benefit you!
          We will introduce to you the popular materials from our collection of digital microscope observation examples from 2013!
          These materials highlight the examples of observation conducted during research and development as well as examples of observation that have been performed on-site in various industries, including the "automotive industry, metals, semiconductors, electronic devices, solar batteries, medical, medicine, and biological fields, as well as food and pharmaceuticals".
          We have organized and will introduce these materials in response to demands for the following information...

          ・Information on the types of analysis being performed in the same industry
          ・Observation examples from other companies for reference purposes
          ・A look at the imaging performance of our latest digital microscope
          ・Information of differences between the digital microscope and other observation devices such as an optical microscope
          We hope that you will find these materials useful for product development, quality control, claim resolution, or inspection tasks.
          A New Traceability System Proposal for Customers in the Automotive Industry
          New Traceability Solutions for the Automotive Industry
          The automotive industry has been accelerating their use of traceability for individual parts in addition to finished products. At KEYENCE, we are offering a total solution system that handles everything from laser marking to code reading.
          We have produced a new leaflet that includes the following contents:
          ●Examples of 2D code marking with a laser marker
          ●Examples of reading with a 2D code reader
          ●The advantages of using KEYENCE
          Have a look at these easy and worry-free traceability solutions.

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