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          Newsletter 2014

          March 17, 2014

          Subject :

          Incredibly Stable Character Recognition Inspection for the Most Demanding of Applications

          Download a Free Copy of the Latest in Our Series of Technical Documents: Image Processing OCR Tool
          An Introduction to a Range of Information, From the Principle behind Marking Inspection to Useful Functions
          In various worksites, there are increasing demands for text recognition inspection, including the management of lot numbers and dates codes.
          The KEYENCE OCR function provides support for changes in character shape and character height variations, and much more! A range of information, from the basics of marking inspection to useful functions, has been organized into this single document. Feel free to have a look.
          2D In-process Dimensional Measurement System
          Get the Functionality of a Measurement Projector, Now In-line.
          A 2-Dimensional measurement system designed for in-process measurement, the TM-3000 Series gives the functionality and versatility of measurement projectors along with the accuracy of a measuring microscope without having to pull parts off the line.

          Find out how a 2-D dimensional measurement system can benefit your in-line inspections today!
          An Introduction to Our "Microscope Technical Guide <Lens Technology Version>"
          We would like to introduce you to a collection of various pieces of information related to microscope lens technology.
          Feel free to have a look at this surprisingly little-known technical information, which includes:
          - The concept of developing lenses that achieve the contrary aspects of DEEP DEPTH-OF-FIELD and HIGH RESOLUTION
          - Lens know-how, such as lens mechanisms, aberration, and numerical aperture (N.A.)
          - An explanation of a production process that involves Polishing to exact values with the precision of ultra-precision machining
          Haven't you happened to meet a trouble about 2D codes?
          This document leads you to the success.
          "Tips for successful operation of 2D code", will guide you with hints that will help you resolve your problems.
          Have your customers mentioned problems such as, "I can't read 2D codes!"?
          Have you come across codes that suddenly cannot be read without any known reason?
          We will help you understand the structure and principles of 2D codes and 2D code marking.
          Take a moment to check out our guide now.
          Color Sorting Applications Finally Made Easy
          High-power RGB sensing technology provides true color detection for the most demanding applications.
          The CZ Series Digital Fiberoptic Color Sensor features several separate application specific models. Adjustable spot, Luster cancellation, Luster detection, and Florescence detection are all available to meet your specific needs. In addition, three detection modes and advanced functionality make calibration and setup simple and fast.
          An Introduction to Our Image Sensor-PLC Connection Guide
          A Guide on Connecting the CV-X100 Series Image Sensor with the KV-5500 Series High-Speed PLC
          We would like to introduce you to our guide on connecting an image sensor with a PLC—something which we have often been asked about in recent years.
          This guide provides explanations for many topics—from wiring and software settings, to communication data monitoring. Download our guide from the link below.
          For those who do not own our PLC software, use the link below to apply for a free copy.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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