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          Newsletter 2014

          May 12, 2014

          Subject :

          Latest Release of KEYENCE VHX-5000 Digital Microscope

          New Product: Announcing the Release of the VHX-5000 Digital Microscope that "Eliminates the Need for Focus Adjustment"
          In microscope observation, focus adjustment is a common operation. And our latest product – VHX-5000 series is equipped with a "real-time depth composition" function, which eliminates the need for focus adjustment, by instantly placing the entire field-of-view into focus when you capture the area you wish to view.
          All the processing is performed by the VHX-5000.
          Regardless of operators, clear, focused images are achieved every single time!
          And that's not all! The VHX-5000 also offers...
          • Clear 3D observation with a deep depth-of-field
          • "High-resolution HDR" that achieves a resolution that rivals that of an SEM with optical observation
          • An "easy mode" that automatically executes advanced functions
          • An XYZ stage that allows for observation from any angle
          Achieve No-Fade Marking! What is the Reliable Marking that Has Been Utilized in the Food/Pharmaceuticals Industry?
          New Laser Marker Introduction Examples Collection: Food/Pharmaceutical Industry
          In the food/pharmaceutical industry, safety is of paramount importance than anything else, and because of this, there are various needs that concern labeling.
          One of which is most essential is "no-fade marking". In this document, we will introduce you to specific information on how KEYENCE laser markers are helping in the food/pharmaceutical industry. Feel free to have a look.
          An Introduction to LS-7000 Series Non-Contact Micrometers
          The Arrival of Micrometers that Have Systematically Pursued High-Speed, High-Precision, and Low Maintenance.
          We will introduce to you the know-how regarding on-site usage as well as measurement principles that should be known, including the reasons behind our micrometers' on-site long-use capabilities, why they are easy to use, and an explanation of their high precision.
          Looking For a Tough and Versatile Sensor?
          Increased stability, one-touch calibration, and rugged construction make the LR-Z perfect for any environment.
          The LR-Z offers distance-based detection that is unaffected by color, target surface, or angle. Its durable stainless steel body is designed to withstand even the toughest environments. Highly visible output indicator and digital display make calibration and troubleshooting simple and fast.
          Change Your Laboratory with the Completely New Image Dimension Measurement System.
          This is a completely new image dimension measurement system to replace conventional projectors and measuring microscopes. Just "place" the target in your preferred position and "press" the measurement button to complete measurement. Check out the secret of this novel technology with your own eyes.
          The [IM Series]...
          ●Produces the exact same measurement results no matter who performs measurement
          ●Can be easily used by anyone
          ●Can perform measurement that is overwhelmingly faster than conventional devices
          Just "place" the target in your preferred position on the stage and "press" the measurement button to instantly complete everything from measurement to OK/NG judgment. You can achieve astonishing inspection in your own laboratory. If you are asking yourself if this is all really possible, then the first thing you should do is take a look at our catalog.

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