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          Newsletter 2014

          June 09, 2014

          Subject :

          Presenting the Latest PENCIL HEAD for KEYENCE GT2 Contact Sensor! - Check it out now!

          Introducing the New Pencil Head for the GT2 Series!
          Environmental resistance: NEMA Type 13/IP67G
          Detecting durability: Supports 100 million cycles

          The GT2 series is equipped with an ø8 mm ø0.31" slim sensor head as well as tough specifications.
          We have also added a new multi-sensor amplifier that enables the connection of up to five heads with one amplifier.
          This also makes it possible to support multi-point applications.
          How Do You Efficiently Perform Profile and Warpage Measurement?
          We've Renewed the "Warpage/Profile Measurement Edition" of Our Popular Textbook that Teaches You How to Perform Optimal Measurements for Different Measurement Targets
          For example, even when you want to measure "warp", "swell", and "profile", there are various measurement methods depending on the target. These materials provide easy-to-understand explanations of which methods are used to optimize measurement with which measurement devices. Because these materials also explain the principles behind measurement, they are also recommended for those who want to update or increase their knowledge.
          A Laser Marker that Is Actively Used in the Automotive, Electronics, and Food/Pharmaceutical Industries. How is it Utilized?
          For You to Download, We Have Compiled a Collection of Laser Marker Introduction Examples for the Automotive, Electronics, and Food/Pharmaceutical Industries
          Currently, in the manufacturing industry, traceability is being enhanced in various fields. The KEYENCE laser marker has gained support from many industries through our marking methods to enhance traceability. We have obtained many successful results, including 2D code marking in the automotive industry, microscopic LOT and code marking in the electronics industry, and no-fade expiration date marking in the food industry.
          Today, we have put together a special collection of laser marker introduction examples in the automotive, electronics, and food/pharmaceutical industries.
          Change Inspection to Change the Company!
          Reasons Why Companies that Implement the IM Series Win in Global Business
          With the ever increasing importance of dimensional inspection, such as in-process inspection, shipping inspection, and acceptance inspections, our completely new "Image Dimension Measurement System" is being supported by our customers. We have put together a collection of the reasons why companies that implement the IM Series win in global business.
          Everyone Is Talking About the New Digital Microscope that "Eliminates the Need for Focus Adjustment"! Latest Materials Now Available.
          Until now, focus adjustment was a commonplace operation in microscope observation.
          A microscope that "'eliminates the need' for focus adjustment"?!
          Our latest product, the "VHX-5000" is a groundbreaking new product that has been equipped with a "real-time depth composition" function that instantly places the entire field of view into focus when you capture the area that you wish to view.
          The VHX-5000…
          • Reduces time
          • Eradicates errors
          • Eliminates individual differences
          Have a look at a never-before-imagined observation method.

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          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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