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          Newsletter 2014

          September 01, 2014

          Subject :

          The Essential Material for Quality-Related Professionals!

          A Must-see for Quality Assurance Professionals! A Digital Microscope That Can Automatically Count the Number of Foreign Substances
          Are you using optical microscopes to perform particle analysis, a precise operation that takes time?
          With the VHX-5000, you can automatically count the number of targets within the specified range and measure the area of these targets. You can also exclude unnecessary items and isolate overlapping items. We are certain that those individuals who perform particle analysis and who count items such as foreign substances, metal structures, and particles will benefit from this catalog.
          No Substitute for Resolution: 21MP Inspection!
          Discover the secret to quick startup and long-term operation for image processing.
          The CV-X Series has a vast lineup of area cameras that range from standard 310K pixel to high-accuracy 21MP resolution. The right camera can be chosen to match up to almost any vision application requirement. Check out all the features of the CV-X that enable any user, from beginner to experienced, to easily setup and operate the CV-X Series, even for difficult inspections.
          Data Logging Is Possible with No Additional Cost!
          With our "KV Nano" ultra high-speed and compact PLC, you can perform logging without any expansion units. The ladder programs are also simple!
          The KV Nano is standard-equipped with a logging function, so you can easily log the analog data of sensors and the production management data of products. We hope you will download the technical guide, which includes explanations of setting methods and sample ladder programs.
          What's more, you can request our KV STUDIO ladder support software at no extra cost from the following URL. We hope that you'll give this software a try.
          Industrial Safety System
          Why Customers Choose KEYENCE Safety Light Curtains
          •Highly-visible Indicators
          •Edge-to-edge Detection Zone
          •Space-saving and Super Heavy Duty-IP67
          •Built-in Controller, EDM, Muting, Blanking
          Do Your Measurements Require Virtual Elements?
          Learn how to simplify difficult measurements such as those requiring center-to-center lines or midlines with just a few clicks.
          With the IM Series, anyone can perform even the most difficult inspection with just a few clicks of the mouse. We have selected the top 20 applications that require use of virtual elements that previously made these inspections difficult and prone to error. Learn how the IM solves these problems while saving you time and eliminating user errors!
          OD and Runout Measurement: The Simple Way
          Find out how our unique profile capture technology simplifies OD and runout measurements!
          A seemingly simple measurement such as outer diameter and runout can easily jump in difficulty when you start to think about part presentation, unique part geometry, and surface variations. The profile capture technology in the TM-3000 Series eliminates these factors by obtaining a complete profile of the part and automatically compensating for additional factors. Learn more today!
          Download the NEW AutoID General Catalog!
          Our entire line of 1D and 2D code readers are now conveniently located together with the latest techniques and solutions for product traceability and management.
          Products are organized by type, including handheld/fixed, laser/camera, and more. This essential catalog will introduce easy to understand examples and functions for each product.
          Resolve All the Problems of a Reflective Type Sensor!
          The IV Series Vision Sensor, which views areas in planes, achieves settings that offer ultimate ease as well as stable detection, making it possible to resolve all the dissatisfactions that come with a reflective type sensor.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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