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Newsletter 2015

October 13, 2015

Subject :

Simple Guidelines for Dimension Inspections

Tips for Dimension Inspection, Lathe Processing and Molding Edition
Depending on how a part is being processed, there may be key points that easily lead to the part becoming defective. In order to catch all these points, you can use this document to learn the tips for inspections using a 2D dimension measurement system.
Master Magnified Observation and Measurement of Solder
You can use this document to learn about the basics and latest techniques of magnified observation and measurement such as observation of BGAs and leads and quantification of solder.
Adhering to the Latest Safety Standards?
GL-R Safety Light Curtains offer the highest level of protection. The best part: They are simple to setup and operate.
The Latest Edition of Our Incredibly Popular "Master of Static" Series
This document uses figures to explain the mechanisms of electrostatic charging and discharging in an easy-to-understand manner. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn the fundamental knowledge used in analyzing problems with static electricity.
Why Are KEYENCE Optical Micrometers so often used at Manufacturing Sites?
The reason is that they are equipped with a large number of functions and features that improve both efficiency and productivity at manufacturing sites. Download these materials to learn the secrets of these functions and features.
Nine Examples of Improvements Using Touch Panel Speech Synthesis
The VT-5 Series can generate auditory messages for a variety of tasks such as preventing operator mistakes and assisting in device operation.
There is no need to record or edit speech, and the device is easy to use. We hope that you will read this catalog to learn about the detailed applications of the VT-5 Series.
Laser Technology Introductory Guide
What are lasers? This technical guide can be used to learn the basics about lasers. It contains a wide variety of information such as oscillation principles, the characteristics of different wavelengths, and differences between oscillation methods.
5 Keys for Improving Profits with Machine Vision
This document introduces 5 leading image processing technologies for improving your profits.

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