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Newsletter 2016

November 07, 2016

Subject :

New Laser Sensor Series. Static Guidebook.

Static Elimination Encyclopedia
Are you interested to know about static for examples

·How to test the ability of your eliminator
·How often should you have maintenance
·How far should the eliminator be from the target

Take a look at the guide and understand further.
3 Types of Microscope Lighting Techniques
Learn the different effects you can achieve with your micrscopes using the following

·Diffuse Illumination
·Adjustable Illumination
·Polarisation Filter
New Laser Sensor Series, Designed to Fit All Applications
Introducing LR-Z, LR-T and LR-W Series. 3 different types of sensors to fit your requirement to check distance, intensity and color.
Real-time Chart Monitor
Afraid of losing information or bothersome data measurement? We have improved from the feedback and design a system that allows easy PLC debugging. The operations are now more intuitive and simple. Feel free to take a look.
Batch Measurement in 3 Seconds
Do you need to measure parts maybe around the similar size as smartphone components? If you have yet to try out the legendary "Place" and "Press" function, it's time to discover the benefits it can bring to you.
Kaizen Visionary
By introducing a simple vision system, you can achieve Kaizen as easy as ABC. Find out some of the real life improvements yielded before and after "Kaizen" happened.
Get a Permanent Marking
Not only permanent, high contrast and and accurate markings are as important. Check out here to see if your marking methods can actually achieve this standard in this guidebook.
Extra High-Speed, Extra Accuracy
Want this Extra benefits for your displacement sensor? The answer lies in the RS-CMOS and HDE lenses, Delta Cut Technology. Measurement can be really sophisticated now.

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Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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