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Newsletter 2016

December 05, 2016

Subject :

The Convenience of This Pencil Type Contact Sensor

Pencil Type Contact Sensor
The GT2 Digital Contact Sensor is getting popular recently because it is

·The highest accuracy in its class
·Highly usable in harsh environment
·Completely free from tracking errors

Understand about the usage of this pencil in 5 minutes from this summarized booklet.
Positioning/Motion Control System
With the constant-speed trajectory control, setting up and debugging is more stress-free now. A new cam curve is added for adjustment of speed during start and end time which ensures a smoother movement.
Laser Marking Test Report - Circuit Boards
Take a look at some of the important points to take note especially if you are doing marking on printed circuit boards (PCB). For example, a precise control of the heat during marking is crucial to prevent ruining the materials used in PCBs.
Full Range of Microscope Lens
Explore a wide range of lens that are sophistically polished and assembled to allow maximum capacity and comfort for your maginified observation. Feel free to take a look if you are keen to learn the usage of different lens.
Simultaneous Measurement for Static & Humidity
There's a close relationship between static electricity and humidity, static charge is less likely to occur when humidity increases. Hence, utilise this handheld instrument to pinpoint both measurement in a fast and efficient manner.
Your Detection Can Be Effortless
With a long detecting range of up to 95mm and resistant to fluctuations from the environment, the detection power of this RGB sensor will make things easier for you. Simply read out the range of applications it can do here.
2 Answers for Vision Systems
Find the answers to achieve these 2 objectives

·Cancel surface condition variations to get stable inspections
·Eliminate influences of shapes to detect only foreign particles
20 Virtual Line Examples for Measurement
Have you tried using virtual lines to get a better measurement accuracy? You may check out these 20 examples in this article and if you find it interesting, give it a try yourself too!

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