Newsletter 2017

February 13, 2017

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Discover The New Standard For Microscopes

Discover the New Standard for Microscopes
Explore the all-in-one microscope that is capable of below functions:

·Fully-focused images in real-time
·HDR+ function
·Free-Angle Observation System
·Ultra High-Speed Image Stitching
From Sensing to Solving
Discover the sensors that provide solutions to different industries: Automotive, Semiconductors/LCDS, Electronics, Food & Pharmaceuticals, Plastics & Rubber.
Get Rid of Dimensional Measurement Problems
Facing problems with dimensional measurements? Fear not, IM Series can help to solve your issue with the following features:

·Fast : Measurements performed in seconds
·Consistent : Uniform measurement results regardless of the operator
·Easy : Intuitive interface that anyone can use
·Flexible : Easy data management
Mark Your Products Uniquely
Are you currently using any Laser Marker? You might be interested to check out this unique hybrid laser marker which provides below advantages:

·High Peak Power (200kW) x High Output (25W)
·Auto-Focus 3-axis control
·Built-in 2D code reader
Hands on Q & A about Static
Enhance your knowledge about some applications of static eliminator by trying out the 10 Practical Q&A. For example, how do you set the frequency for static eliminator.
Learn About the Know-How of Machine Vision
Check out this guide to learn the answers to below questions with the help of machine vision:

·Can you easily create an operation manual for the image sensor?
·How do you enable anyone to quickly adjust focus and brightness?
Speed Up Your PLC Programming
Are you having difficulty in positioning program? Learn about "FLOW" and how this programming function can help to assist for different applications through positioning, constant speed control, torque control and repeated control.
The 3S to Safety
Encountering any workplace safety issue? Discover how the Safety Light Curtain can provide protection with the following features:

·Strong : Built-in guarding and the narrowest exposed lens surface in the industry
·Simple : Reduce Installation time with simple wiring and easy-to-use mounting brackets
·Smart : No dead zone, 7-segment display and one-line system

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