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April 24, 2017

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Profile Measurement in 3 Easy Steps

Get Profile Measurement Easily
Find out the 3 common steps to get profile measurement:

·by moving a workpiece or sensor
·using a 2D sensor
·using a displacement sensor and stage system

Which will you find it more convenient?
Handheld Scanner Collection
Drop it hard and firm, this collection of handheld scanners can still survive and function with high accuracy. Sizes come in big, medium and small. What's the difference? Find out more in this collection guidebook.
IOT Can Be Small Too
IOT is a big concept, but actually it is very easy to achieve it anywhere. For example centralizing your production line monitoring. Find out more about how you can introduce IOT in this article now.
Digital Microscope for Resin, Screw, Wire Harness...
Here's the list of specialized guidebook on the usage of digital microscope for

·Wire Harness
Time of Flight (TOF) Detection Method
The LR-T Series of reflective sensors utilizes the Time of Flight detection method to achieve consistent stable detection in all types of applications. Easy to use and superior detection capabilities, find out how it can achieve it.
Printing Requirements on Metal?
We have a few approaches to do printing/marking on metal for example labeling and inkjet printing. But some experience fading quicker while some leave a permanent mark regardless of the materials. Why so? Find out more.
A Significant Drop in Measurement Time
The IM Series is designed to save your time in the most dramatic way. A usual dimension measurement on a palm-size part can be reduced to just 5 seconds. Check out this amazing instrument.
Vision Sensor - Affordably Charged
Super user-friendly, our tiny Vision Sensor is able to have stable detection with its high-intensity illumination and quad lens. Despite the small size, the capability is beyond comparison. Take a look now.
Experts' Tricks on Vision System Techniques
Here is the collection of 3 tricks for stabilizing detections.

·Removing diffuse reflections (glare)
·Detecting only a specific wavelength range
·Emphasizing contrast differences using different illumination colors

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