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May 15, 2017

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The Most Read Technical Guide From KEYENCE

Static is Invisible, but Highly Destructive
Static has caused problems such as fire and explosions. Here is the Static Master Guide for you.

·Describes the pros and cons of each type of eliminators
·Suggestions on selecting the most suitable eliminator for your applications
Choosing Between Red and Blue Laser
Compared to the conventional red laser, the blue laser beam is sharper which allows excellent profile measurement. How does it work? Find out the interesting technology in this document.
[New!] Positioning & Motion Control System
Want to improve takt time or accuracy?
Achieve this easily with the new system developed just for this! With just a single unit, you can support synchronous control up to 112 axes!
[NEW] Special Functions of a Laser Marker
Recently introduced, this article shows you how special can a laser marker be just from this built-in camera. Camera indeed does wonders.
KAIZEN Principle Just For You!
Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement. Achieve Kaizen now by using a Vision Sensor to accomplish inspections that human eyes cannot do.
Get a Perfect 2D Code
QR codes are classified into Model 1, Model 2 and Micro QR, and each of them has different features and usage. Get a more thorough explanation in this complete version of guide on 2D codes.
Safety Comes in This Light Curtain
Light Curtain normally faces alignment issues and it is extremely important to know if it fits the basic safety standard. Take a look at this yellow set of light curtain that withstands harsh environment like nobody's business.
Get the Sharp Observation We Have Been Aiming For
What is the most important function for you when getting a new microscope? Upon surveying, the top answer is "easy observation of fully-focused images". Were you ever impressed by this kind of function before, or would you like to give it a try?

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