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August 07, 2017

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The Impressive New Release of VHX-6000 Digital Microscope

The Impressive New Release of VHX-6000 Digital Microscope
With the introduction of the new digital microscope VHX-6000 series, be amazed by its new multi-lighting function which makes it possible to automatically obtain lighting patterns in all directions.
Ladder-less Connection Applications
This guide illustrates different application examples on how to connect devices and implement PLC communication/ positioning without using ladder programming.
Your Instant Measurement Tool
Other than being fast and able to produce consistent results, learn how the IM-7000 series has evolved, with 4x the measurement volume and enables measurement in previously obscured areas.
The Way to Durability
Download this guide to learn about how the digital micrometer can assist to achieve faster and accurate measurements with the following characteristics:

·High-accuracy in the field
·Long life in the field
·Easy operation in the field
Sense with Accuracy
With the GT series, you do not have to be afraid of unstable accuracy and tracking errors during high-speed movement. Feel free to browse through the range.
Laser Phrasebook for Keeping
Maybe "side pumping" or "giant pulse" are not common terms we used every day. But knowing them makes us understanding the fun and interesting side of laser. Feel free to browse through if you are interested.
Incredibly Stable Position-Based Sensor
Discover how the LR series allows for stable detection from a distance with below features:

·Superior detection capabilities
·Easy to Use
·Unmatched versatility
Tips to Successful Inspection Process
It is important to have fast error detection in order to implement prompt improvements to processes. This guide introduces some application examples of improvements obtained from vision inspection.
One-Stop Solutions for Traceability Systems
With an increase of emphasis on traceability in automotive industry, many are adopting direct part marking with barcodes and 2D codes. Learn more about how traceability can be achieved by integrating laser marking and code reading.

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