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August 21, 2017

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New Arrival: IM-7000, the Standard for Speed and Accuracy

New Arrival: IM-7000, the Standard for Speed and Accuracy
The latest evolution of our image dimension measurement system that's as easy to function as "just place and press." Check out some of its advantages below:

·4x the measurement volume
·Automatic measurement of tall targets
·Measure the previously unmeasurable
The Autofocus Code Reader
With the press of a single button for tuning, the SR Series can perform autofocus, automatic tuning and automatic polarization. Do not hesitate to learn more now.
Why Non-Contact Measurement System?
Switching from contact to non-contact thickness inspection and measurement for products has the following advantages:

·Reduced inspection takt time
·Enables full inspections
·Eliminates operator error
·Enables highly accurate measurements of soft targets
Static is Invisible, but Highly Destructive
Static can cause problems such as fire and explosions. Explore this Static Master Guide now to learn about the pros and cons of each type of eliminators and how to select the most appropriate eliminator for your applications.
Laser Marker with a Built-in Camera!
Work that was conventionally performed with separate devices such as marking with character inspection, is now possible with a single laser marker.
Official Release of Digital Microscope VHX-6000
Discover the new VHX-6000 series which can perform superior analysis with below features:

·Adaptive lighting
·Advanced focusing
·High-resolution imaging
·Large area measurement
How to Keep Out of Danger
It is crucial to know how to keep yourself safe from workplace's hazards. Take this guide as a reference to select a good safety light curtain for armored protection.
Techniques for Vision System Applications
This guide illustrates various application examples that implement machine vision techniques. These techniques will let you achieve different results just by making minor adjustments to the illumination and the settings.

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