Newsletter 2017

September 04, 2017

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"Ladders" Are Not Necessary Anymore

Get Connected without Using Ladder Programs
Do not hesitate to check out the KV COM+ series which can connect to a wide variety of FA equipment with ladder-less and program-less communication.
100 Tips for Stable Machine Vision Inspections
The shortcut to successful image processing is to learn from actual examples. In this guide, experts introduce key points for stable inspection.
High Quality Reading with Stability
Feel free to browse through this catalog that explains how the SR-700 series can help to achieve stable and high-quality reading with below features:

·Powerful high-speed reading
·Easy tuning
·Matching level judging function
It Has a Magical Button
Our Image Dimension Measurement System has a magical button. Press it and get your dimension measurement results in just 3 seconds. What's more, you can measure a few items simultaneously.
5 Reasons to Choose Non-contact Measurement
This guide clearly describes the advantages of non-contact measurement such as automation and improvement of cycle time and quality. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to implement in-line inspections.
Solution for Presence Detection
It is easy to setup with stable detection and has addition of many new edge measurement tools. Check out the guide to learn more about the Vision Sensor IV series with application examples.
Marking Techniques for Resin/Plastic
Use this text to obtain specialized laser knowledge on the advantages of "direct marking" with laser markers and how they can be utilized for resin products.
New VHX-6000 for Superior Analysis
With improved lighting and focusing, VHX series is able to clearly display surface scratches and roughness that could not be observed with conventional lighting.
Stable and Superior Detecting Capability
The Full-Spectrum LR-W series can solve the widest range of applications with the following features:

·Unmatched detection capabilities

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