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September 11, 2017

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Choosing the Right Measurement Equipment

Choosing the Right Measurement Equipment
It is important to know which measurement equipment is suitable for what kind of applications. Explore this guide which illustrates the key points in selecting a measurement system with application examples.
Trace with Laser Marker
Traceability has been a hot topic in the recent years. With this guide, learn about how the MD-X series can be uitilised to implement traceability systems with below advantages:

·Marking quality function
·Flexible interface design
·Matching level judgment level
·2D code pattern selection
Detect With Vision Sensor
Are you facing any difficulties in performing presence inspections? Do not hesitate to check out this guide which explains how the IV series can assist to solve various automotive applications.
Full Guide for Digital Microscope
This is a comprehensive 4 parts guide to understanding Digital Microscope and its functions below:

·Imaging technologies
·Observation ability
·Full-focus imaging & depth composition
·Illumination methods
Equipment Data Management with PLC
There are times when the CPU data is too big. Learn about the different methods on how the KV-7000 series can be utilised to manage equipment data easily and at low cost.
Concept of Speed, Accuracy and Simplicity
Explore the IM-7000 series which can help to reduce measurement and recording times with below advantages:

·4x the measurement volume
·Measure previously obscured area
Effective use of Peripheral Equipment
This guide shows a lineup of LED light and lens with different application examples. Discover how to effectively utilise them with machine vision for solving an application.
Improvement with Barcode Reading
Study about how the BT-W series can help to improve on-site operations in the following industries:

·Food/Pharmaceutical Industry
·Automotive/Metal Industry
·Electric/Electronic Industry

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