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Newsletter 2017

October 16, 2017

Subject :

Save Costs with Contact Sensors

Save Costs with Contact Sensors
Learn about how the GT2 series can help in cost reduction with below advantages:

·No additional mechanism
·Reduces design and fabrication time
·Slow, gentle contact increases productivity
Laser Marking Applications for Electronics Industry
This collection features laser marker application examples with a focus on the electronic device industry.
You can use these examples to implement process improvements such as reducing product damage and improving machining quality.
Transform into a Digital Microscope
Check out this guide to learn how to fully utilize your microscope with the VHX series as it comes with below functions:

·Depth composition
·An array of measurement functions
·Image stitching
·High-resolution HDR
A Long-lived Photoelectric Sensor
Without the use of gasket, this photoelectric sensor is resistant to water and oil. It also has a detecting distance of 40m. Feel free to see the suitable applications in this booklet.
When Power Meets Simplicity
This guide introduces how the new vision system can perform difficult appearance inspections with its easy configuration navigation feature.
Importance of Traceability
The key to a successful traceability system is determining specifications that consider both marking and reading codes.
Check out this guide for some traceability solutions that can be applied.
Full Guide on Cutting, Pressing & Resin Molding
Discover some of the basic steps and precautions that we should be conscious of when doing cutting, pressing or resin moulding. With accuracy being one of the common issues, learn how the IM series can help to solve it.

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