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Newsletter 2017

December 11, 2017

Subject :

Why Non-Contact Measurement System?

Why Non-Contact Measurement System?
Switching to non-contact measurement system can solve conventional problems such as inaccuracy, long inspection cycle time and etc. Find out more.
Lighting Techniques for Microscope
This document illustrates various lighting methods used in microscopy and how to select the most appropriate one for different applications.
All-Purpose Laser Sensor
The LR-ZH series laser sensor can perform position, contrast and transparency detection with below features:
·Dynamic stability control
·High angular characteristic
·7-Segment LED display

Check it out now.
Measure with Accuracy
Meet the image dimension measurement system that can perform accurate measurements of light and small parts and features at specific heights. Browse through for some applications examples.
Expert Vision Systems Techniques
Discover the various machine vision techniques that can be implemented for specific applications and the concepts
behind the use of several illumination methods.
Full Guide on Barcode Reader
Do not hesitate to explore this full set of guide on how the SR-1000 barcode reader can help to save labour and reduce costs in various industries with below features:
·Field of view 4x larger
·Automatic Polarisation
·Multi-head mode
·Code quality verification
Safety Measures for Laser Marker
This guidebook covers topics ranging from basic knowledge of safety standards required for working with laser markers, to the latest trends and usage cases. Feel free to check it out.
Solutions to Challenges of Motor Control
Explore this guide to understand the how the KV-X motion can help to solve the challenges of motor control. Some of the solutions include improved position precision, highly precise torque control and etc.

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