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Newsletter 2018

January 09, 2018

Subject :

Stable and Superior Detecting Capability

Stable and Superior Detecting Capability
The full-spectrum LR-W series can solve the widest range of applications with the following features:
·Unmatched detection capabilities
Application Techniques for Machine Vision
This guide contains information on the importance of cameras, illumination and lenses when performing image processing. Feel free to browse through for more information.
Traceability in the Electronic Device Industry
Integration of traceability has been increasing in the recent years, resulting in more usage of barcodes/2D codes. Explore this document for more information.
Introduction to Image Dimension Measurement
Image Dimension Measurement Systems can measure a wide variety of targets quickly, and accurately. Download this guide to learn about topics such as its principles, illumination, and image processing technology.
Why Non-Contact Measurement System?
Why are many people switching to non-contact measurement systems? This guide explains the advantages of non-contact measurement systems that can improve productivity with application examples.
Ultra-Compact Vision Sensor
The IV Series is an ultra-compact model that can be installed anywhere. It can capture images over large areas and perform judgments of up to 16 locations at the same time for items.
The Unique Marking Equipment
This guide illustrates how the MDX series laser marker delivers high quality results with below features:
·High peak power and output
·Auto-focus 3-axis control
·Built-in 2D code reader
Increase Yield with Microscope
We asked our customers about the advantages they have obtained by installing digital microscopes. Learn about how they were able to use digital microscopes to solve their problems.

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