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Newsletter 2018

January 29, 2018

Subject :

Measure in 5 Seconds

Measure in 5 Seconds
Have you came across any measuring instrument that can measure a target within seconds? Check out how measurement time can be drastically decreased with the Image Dimension Measurement System.
Reduce Time with Barcode Reader
From material warehousing to traceability to shipping of finished products, etc., discover how the tasks can be completed within the timeframe using the BT series barcode reader.
All-In-One PLC
With the built-in memory card function in KV Nano, data can now be acquired using just a single rung ladder with no expansion required.
Metal Marking with Laser Marker
Laser markings is being rapidly adopted as a method for direct parts marking due to below advantages:
·Permanent marking
·Low running cost
·High marking quality
·Fewer marking errors
Observe with High Resolution
The image resolution of a microscope depends on the optical lens properties. Feel free to browse through this guide which explains how the RZ lens series can help to achieve high resolution observations.
All-Purpose Laser Sensor
Do not hesitate to explore this catalogue which describes how the LR-Z series sensor performs position, contrast and transparency detection with below features:
·Light power control function
·DATUM calibration
·7-segment LED display
·Dynamic stability control
Keys to Improve Profits
Master the 5 keys below with vision system technology to improve profits:
·Ultra high-speed processing
·High quality
·Quick response
Wonders of 2D Measurement System
This guide illustrates how the 2D measurement system can help to achieve accurate and stable measurements with some application examples.

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