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Newsletter 2018

April 02, 2018

Subject :

Measure with Wider Stage and Expanded Volume

[New Product] Measure with Wider Stage and Expanded Volume
The 300 × 200 mm stage makes it possible to measure large products. Furthermore, multiple measurement targets with the same shape can be measured in a batch just by placing them on the stage and pressing a button.
DO-IT-ALL Detection Sensor
The new LR-ZH sensor detects based on both distance AND intensity. Meaning dark, metal, or even transparent targets can be stably detected from over 19" (500mm) away.
[New Product] Compact Vision Sensor with OCR Function
The IV series can detect a variety of items such as serial numbers, lot numbers, manufacturing numbers, and expiration dates by just outlining to identify the text. This has greatly reduced the time and effort required.
Know-How about Machine Vision
This document explains about how to cancel surface condition variations to enable stable inspections and how to eliminate the influence of shapes to detect only foreign particles. Click in to master image processing now!
Necessity of Barcode Readers in Automotive Industry
More companies in the automotive industry are now engaging heavily in barcode readers to improve workability, improve quality, and reduce costs. Find out how they do it.
Application Examples for Laser Displacement Sensors
This is a complete guide about the advantages of using laser displacement sensors. Browse through now to learn how you can improve both cycle time and quality in dispenser coating processes.
·Inline, 100% inspections
·Check the height, width, and volume of adhesives
·Improve inspection cycle time
Importance of Traceability
This guide illustrates about how traceability can be achieved with laser markers, code readers or peripheral equipment.
Feel free to browse through now.
Observe Beyond the Naked Eye
Feel free to look through this guide as it describes the different observation examples with the Digital Microscope that is equipped with below functions:
·Fully focused imaging
·Ultra high-speed image stitching
·Free-angle observation system

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