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Newsletter 2018

April 23, 2018

Subject :

Observations for Various Industries

Observations for Various Industries
This guide illustrates how the VHX-6000 series Digital Microscope perform observations and analysis for 12 different industries with below functions:
·High Dynamic Range
·Large Depth of Field
·3D Observation and Measurement
High-Speed and Large-Capacity Communication
Check out the KV-7000 series that can connect all the devices within a production site over Ethernet with below advantages:
·Program-less communication
·High flexible systems
·Easy configuration
New! Sense with Certainty and Simplicity
The FS-N40 series Fiberoptic Sensors can tackle all sensing needs as it comes with the following features:
·Highest ever TERA power
·Easy to read OLED display
·Multi-output unit for cost and time reduction
Code Marking for Traceability
Clear marking patterns is important to ensure stable reading. Learn how the MD-X Series laser marker provides several types of 2D code marking patterns so that optimum marking is possible under various conditions.
The Versatile Measurement System
Experience the IM series Image Dimension Measurement System that is ideal for low volume, high-mix production industry with below advantages:
·Versatile to measure anything
·Incredibly fast measurement
·Eliminates human error
·Easy operation
Error-Free Displacement Measurement
The IL series Laser Displacement Sensor provides stable detection and accurate measurements with below features:
Understanding Line Scan Technology
This document explains how the line scan camera can be utilized in various industries with the following characteristics:
·Ease of use
·Increased installation flexibility
·Handles simultaneous image capturing
Read it the Auto Way
The SR-1000 series code reader ensures stable reading of codes with autofocus, automatic tuning and automatic polarisation. Find out now.

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