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Newsletter 2018

July 17, 2018

Subject :

"A Reduction in Analysis Costs" Ranked Top

Recent Survey Showed Reduction in Analysis Costs as the Top Benefit Gained
Results also show that users are most impressed by the function of large depth-of-field that allows fully-focused image observation.
Image Processing Introductory Seminar
This seminar will introduce you following topics:

·The image receiving element
·Lens types, light types and their selection methods
·Image enhancement filters usage
Metal Industry Seeks Better Marking Quality
As demand of quality increases, metal industry is now looking into marking machine that can produce permanent marking with no errors.
Full Consulting Guide for Process After Dispensing
An increasing number of customers are looking for solutions to inspect adhesives after application with dispensers.
PLC Design for Overseas Projects? 10 Tips for This
Translation is one of the factors to make projects for overseas smoother, check out for more details.
Automotive Industry Introduced Improved Code Reader Operation
New improment was made through traceability process and error prevention. Cost was reduced and delivery time increased.
Stable Detection Achieved Through 7 Techniques
Each technique tackles the different common problems faced by vision sensor users, take a look.
Water, Oil or Drop Shouldn't Hurt Your Safety Light Curtain
Safety light curtain needs to be robust enough to sustain rough environment and impact, does your safety light meet the enclosure rating requirement?

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