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Newsletter 2020

January 02, 2020

Subject :

VHX-7000 High Accuracy 4K Digital Microscope

VHX-7000 Digital Microscope
After 2 years of research, our digital microscope series has many enhancements all the way from 4K high accuracy to amazing lighting functions. Explore today the incredible technology.
Now A Camera for Your PLC
The world first build-in machine operation recorder is available in the market now. With this camera, we can instantly identify the root cause and troubleshoot within a shorter period. It has helped many, now it's your turn.
e-Vehicles KEY Applications & Technolog
Take a look at the full explanation on the processes in the e-Vehicles industry. Find out the typical solutions people are seeking after nowadays.
New Image Dimension Measurement Functions
The IM-7500 Series allows you to have fully automated measurement settings, automatic drawing reading and a QR code reader for traceability. See how it can help you with your daily measurement.
A Guidebook That You Should Read if You Are Considering Marking Products for Traceability
Marking, reading, and data management.
This guidebook not only contains information on these topics pertaining to laser marking but also includes details on the peripheral equipment necessary for traceability as well as system configuration examples and basic knowledge.