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Newsletter 2020

January 13, 2020

Subject :

Lasting more than 100 Million Cycles

Detecting Durability up to 100 Million Cycles
Fitted with the Scale Shot System II, the GT contact type measurement has the highest accuracy in its class. A new detection is now completely free of tracking error. Considering measurement, check out this cost-efficient "pen-like" device now!
The Master Guide for Barcode Reading
Related to any bar code? This guide is all you need. It has the full list of information from the basics of bar code all the way to the digit calculation. Don't miss it out.
How to Accerate Analysis in Semicon Industry?
In semicon industry, the most common process where we face trouble for analysis is during wafer edge or wire bonding inspection. Find out how the evolution of microscope has eased this problem significantly recently.
Visualise Static Today
It's so compact and so light. The new fan static eliminator features a visualisation light that lets you see the presence of static. Everyone is in love, take a quick look at its features now.
Very Robust, Very Resistant
Safety light curtain needs to be fully guarded to withstand the impact externally. When you are selecting one, remember to take note of this. This article also explains more, feel free to keep a copy.
QCD Improvement Introduce
QCD is a short form for Quality, Cost and Delivery, which are the 3 key focus in the manufacturing sector. Do you know how the Instant Measurement IM Series come into place for this process? Find out more today.
Image Quality is Really Unmatchable
8 wavelength of light working together to produce images with extremely high quality. This multi-spectrum technology is a combinaton of powerful algorithms. Explore the latest technology available in the market today!
Traceability in Electronic Industry
Electronic components are manufactured through various processes. In each process, information such as work details and inspection results is linked to the serial information marked and used for the assembly in the later processes. Find out how laser marker plays a part in this.
e-Vehicles KEY Applications & Technolog
Take a look at the full explanation on the processes in the e-Vehicles industry. Find out the typical solutions people are seeking after nowadays.