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Newsletter 2020

February 03, 2020

Subject :

Quality Welding Through Measurement

Increased Quality Through Improved Welding Processes
We have collected our methods for improving welding on work sites into this guide. It introduces ways that you can improve your welding processes using a 2D/3D laser scanner.
Code Readers × Electric Vehicle Industry
Download this guide for hints on how to improve efficiency and save labor in the electric vehicle industry.
This Measurement System Lets You Reduce Your Defect Rate
Inspection prior to mass production is very important in maintaining stable quality. The IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System can optimize this inspection prior to mass production, thereby reducing the rate of manufacturing defects.
Why Do People Choose KEYENCE Vision Systems All Over the World!?
When considering introducing vision systems in international locations, it is common to be concerned about having to make on-site adjustments and about the level of technical ability of the on-site operators. KEYENCE eliminates these concerns thanks to its support system in 46 countries and included functions.
The VHX-7000, the World's First 4K Ultra-High Accuracy Microscope
This microscope is a full model change with a brand-new camera, lens, monitor, and controller.
The 5th generation of digital microscopes has arrived.
Uncover the Cause of Short-Time Stops with a Camera-Equipped PLC
Take advantage of this prepared collection of troubleshooting examples using KEYENCE's latest PLC capable of recording and verifying conditions before and after any short-time stops.
This guide is a must-read for anyone plagued by line stoppages!
Are You Still Using Blades in Processing?
This guide uses photographs to explain laser processing types and examples. Learn techniques that are useful for improving processes such as boring, cutting, and sheath removal, without the use of a blade.
Low Flow Monitoring + Clamp-On Design for Various Applications
Micro Flow Sensor FD-X Series
This product can support applications in a wide range of manufacturing worksites.
1. Checking dispensing/filling amounts without contacting the liquid
2. Checking spraying/coating amounts without causing drops in pressure
3. Checking cooling/mold release amounts with easy installation
4. Checking the flow amount of lubricant with no downtime needed for construction
A New, Ultra-compact, High-power Static Eliminator
KEYENCE is proud to announce the release of a new static eliminator that, at 1/5 the size of conventional types, is ultra-compact, enabling it to be installed anywhere. This static eliminator can easily be retrofitted into existing equipment wherever you have problems with static electricity.