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Newsletter 2020

April 06, 2020

Subject :

Laser Removal, Cutting and Deflashing

Removal Using Laser
Using a high-energy laser onto a target melts or vaporizes the material. This method has been used frequently nowadays for laser removal, cutting, deflashing etc. Find out how you can use laser concept today.
A Pressure Sensor That Supports a Wide Variety of Fluids
Do you want to measure the pressure of oil, water, or misty air? This sensor supports a wide variety of fluids at pressures up to 40 MPa. The result of our tireless pursuit of user-friendly operation, this heavy duty pressure sensor is clog resistant and can be cleaned without disassembly.
The QCD Vol. 2
Take a look at some interesting improvement strategies you can try for QCD - Quality, Cost and Delivery. With some help, we can have improved efficiency in magnified observation, testing and analysis processes.
Easy Troubleshooting is Possible Now!
Have you tried troubleshooting with equipment PLC before? Now it can be much easier with the new Machine Operation Recorded Function (MORF), which records the operation history for you to view clearly.
CMOS Multi-Function Laser Sensor
See the real-life examples of using laser sensor in the automotive industry for height, position, flatness and thickness checking. Find out the different range that you can try.
The Precision for Aerospace
Check out how accurate measurement for aerospace parts is being performed with incredible speed. Not only that, up to 100 items can be measured together at the same time!
3 Easy Steps to Select Vision System
See the suggested flow you may try when you are selecting a vision system. Don't miss out some details and regret later!
Static Fundamental Knowledge Edition
Get a copy of this full guide on the topic of static electricity. You will learn how static is generated, and what kind of environment will make it worse.