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Newsletter 2020

April 27, 2020

Subject :

PLC Learning for Beginners

[Introduction to PLCs!] Programming and Monitoring for Beginners
This guide includes helpful information on PLCs for those unfamiliar with PLCs. Learn the basics of programming through actual examples. Perfect for beginners and first-time users!
Quick and Effective Magnified Observation and Analysis [Medical Device/Automotive Industry]
Introducing a collection of example uses of microscopes as standard equipment in medical equipment and automotive industry applications. Gain a clear understanding of the advantages of KEYENCE microscopes and how they are being used.
Improve Customer Confidence with Instantaneous, Easy-to-read Inspection Reports!
With the IM Series, just place and press for instant dimension measurements. Following measurement, the IM Series can be used to create easy-to-read inspection and analysis reports featuring clear images-all with just one click!
Discover 55 Ways Eliminators Are Solving On-Site Static Electricity Problems
Static electricity can pose a wide variety of problems—from adhesion of foreign particles and targets sticking together, to clogged production lines and reduced operability. KEYENCE static electricity eliminators offer various solutions to these problems and more.
Learn the Basics of 2D Codes!
Two-dimensional codes are indispensable tools for traceability. This booklet provides all you need to know to get started.
Micro Flow Sensor We Have Been Waiting For — Vol. 1
Have you ever had the problem of not being able to attach a sensor to a pipe?
The FD-X Series has the solution!
1. No need to modify piping
2. No need to purchase new piping components
3. No need to worry about fluid leaks
4. Only a small amount of space required
Measurement Systems Using Laser Profiling
This guide introduces the reasons why we should use Laser Profile Measurement Systems for applications such as dimension measurements and appearance inspections. Check it out now!
Why People Choose KEYENCE's 2D Measurement Systems for Inline Inspection
People have good reasons for choosing KEYENCE's 2D measurement systems for inline inspections.
Use this guide to learn more about them, which can help you improve the automation of your production lines.
[New Product] Inspections with Simultaneous 2D and 3D Image Processing!
KEYENCE is proud to introduce a vision system that rewrites the book on inline inspections!
Including height data in 2D inspections dramatically stabilizes inspections by eliminating the influence of the target's surface conditions and contrast.