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Newsletter 2020

August 24, 2020

Subject :

Little Camera for a PLC

How Does this Little Camera for PLC Work?
Many were curious about the operation and program of how an addition of camera can help with your production process. Here is the complete guide on the setup, you can see how easy it is to implement it.
Unusual Reading Speed
Usually, reading performance is affected by the marking contrasts or environment conditions and hence causing a bottleneck. Find out the examples in the Electronics industry on how having an unusual reading speed and features can solve this.
Laser for Other Processing
Laser can be used for marking and it brings superb quality. Beside marking, laser is often used for other processing such as surface layer removal and others. Take a look at various applications inside this guide.
Unique Ways to Use a Digital Microscope
There are some perceptions of how a digital microscope can be used. But actually, the same scope can be changed and used for measurement, boroscope, fibrescope etc. See how it is done.
Introducing a Micrometer with Exceptional Stability
This guide introduces practical applications of the TM-3000, which enables the inline, highly accurate dimensional measurements that were difficult to perform with a camera (vision system) or a micrometer.
Simultaneous 2D and 3D Inspection
This is a level that conventional system may not be able to reach. See how this system can bring additional convenience to your inspection. You can get stable inspection with addition height data now.
Let's Reduce Scrap Together
Scrap happens when parts are being manufactured incorrectly or need to be reworked, Companies usually solve this by having more inspection process in between.
Find out of IM-7000 series has helped many companies to reduce scrap drastically.
CMOS Laser Sensor with Simple 2-Press Operation!
The LR-Z Series is ideal for any detection application!
• Rugged metal design
• Excellent angle characteristics
• Laser spot for easy installatio