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Newsletter 2021

April 26, 2021

Subject :

Switch Out your Hand Calipers and Micrometers

5 Reasons to Switch From Hand Calipers and Micrometers
Here are 5 main reasons why people switched out their hand calipers and micrometers to non-contact measurement
Work Efficiency in Logistics Sector
Here is one proposal to increase the efficiency in the logistic sector, which is to switch to using handheld mobile computers. It's instant, reduces maintenance and running costs and extremely easy to implement. Take a look.
Some Ways to Reduce Marking Costs
If you are doing marking or engraving process currently, you might be curious whether there are other ways to reduce the costs. Find out more from this article.
IM for 5G Trend
5G is the latest trend in the market now. Many industries are gearing up production to eventually meet this demand. Find out how our IM Measurement System has offered tremendous to meet this demand.
Vision Training and Support
KEYENCE offers great support and training for Vision related products. Find out the services available for you in this brochure, contact us if you wish to find out more!
2 Full Sets of Programming Techniques
Here are 2 sets of programming techniques for PLC users. Feel free to keep a copy for future reference or share with your colleagues!
10 New Innovations for Microscope
Find out the latest 10 new innovations available for all microscope users. It's also possible to try out some methods on your existing microscopes too!
IV-H Applications with Pictures
The IV-H Vision Sensor has received many good feedback from users, most of them are about the convenience and cheap cost of the set. Find out some of the applications completed in the past with picture illustrations.