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Newsletter 2021

July 05, 2021

Subject :

Meeting Unexpected Production Increase

Easily Meet Unexpected Production Increase Requests with an Image Dimension Measurement System
When faced with urgent requests to increase production, even if products can be manufactured in time, sometimes there just isn’t enough time for dimensional inspection.
With the IM-8000 Series, measuring product dimensions is as easy as placing the target and pressing a button.
Worried about Not Being Able to Troubleshoot Remotely?
The KV-8000’s machine operation recorder function and web conferencing system make solving problems even in remote areas easy. Read all about the latest advancements in remote maintenance.
A Compilation of the Latest Digital Microscope Observation and Application Examples From 12 Industries
This guide introduces the latest observation and application examples from 12 industries, including the automotive, electrical/electronic, and food/medicine industries. Use this guide to check out examples and improvement strategies in various industries.
High-accuracy Digital Contact Sensor for the Next Generation of Automobiles
Electric vehicles require inspection of parts that do not exist in gas-powered vehicles. KEYENCE contact sensors are highly accurate, inexpensive, and easy to install.
Laser Marker Application Examples with Automotive Batteries
This collection of installation examples shows how laser markers are being used in battery manufacturing processes. See how laser markers can be used to improve both traceability and quality.
Automotive Edition
This guide introduces various solutions in the automotive industry! Ensure confidence with KEYENCE laser sensors. Please take a look.
Easily Transfer Codes to a PC Just by Connecting a USB Cable!
Introducing KEYENCE’s USB Communication Unit for easily transferring read codes to a PC. Eliminate the need for connection programs and simplify installation to further reduce workloads.
Key Points for Reducing Costs with a Vision System
Adopting a vision system can help reduce production costs. Browse application examples under six major themes, including quality, labor, and productivity.
1D Laser Displacement Sensor Catalog
This lineup of laser displacement sensors—which support a wide range of measurements from 1 μm to 1 m—stabilizes inline measurement. This catalog also introduces application examples from their proven track record.