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Newsletter 2021

July 19, 2021

Subject :

Sensors for 5G Components Manufacturing

Useful Sensors for Manufacturing of 5G-related Components
Components in 5G service-compatible devices require higher functionality and quality than conventional components. Learn about KEYENCE products that are useful when manufacturing of these high-performance components.
Eliminate Measurement Wait Time
Significantly reduce wait times for dimensional measurements with the IM-8000 Series. See how anyone can obtain measurements quickly just by pressing a button.
Fiberoptic Sensors with Improved Reliability and Ease of Use
Perform detections reliably in any situation.

- TERA power
The newly developed LED module produces power levels 1650 times that of conventional models.
- Built-in organic LED (OLED) display
Operations can be performed easily without having to refer to an instruction manual.
- Indicator installed on the fiber unit
Operation can be checked with just the fiber unit. There is no need to view the amplifier.
Highly Accurate and Inline Dimensional Measurement
With its guaranteed accuracy,
the TM-3000 Series can stably measure outer diameter, width, and other dimensions from the projected silhouette.
Introducing a Vision System That Makes the Impossible Possible With Auto-Teach Inspection
Image processing systems tend to take a lot of time and effort to set up and are very difficult to use. By using the Auto-Teach Inspection Tool, you can obtain stable inspections just by running good parts past the camera.
Tips for Quick Creation of Ladder Programs
Introducing KEYENCE’s list of practical methods for reducing the time required for creating ladder programs. This guide includes actual examples to help you learn the ins and outs of ladder program creation.
Useful Information on Microscopes for Observation and Analysis
This guide introduces 10 points to know before purchasing a microscope. Learn how to perform magnified observation and analysis quickly and accurately.
Improve Operations with the Basics of 2D Codes
Two-dimensional codes are indispensable tools for traceability systems. Improve code reader operation efficiency by reviewing the basics of 2D codes.
Examples of Laser Marker Installations in Rechargeable Battery Manufacturing
This collection of application examples focuses on rechargeable battery manufacturing sites, where laser marker usage is gradually increasing. See how these devices are used in various manufacturing processes.