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Newsletter 2021

August 09, 2021

Subject :

Review The Multi-Purpose Scope Quickly

Review The Multi-Purpose Scope Quickly
In these 2 years, we have solved various industrial issues on failure analysis with this microscope. Please review the world first technologies like Optical Shadow Effect Mode function in this digest PDF. It comes with model comparison chart!
Introduction To The Newest
IM-8000 Series (2021 June Launch)
In June, we announced the new image dimension measurement system. You may have checked the new functions in the previous issue. But first of all, what is the core technology of this IM-8000 series, which dramatically improve our inspection speed? Check this out.
Predictive Maintenance and Troubleshooting Through Data
No external equipment is required for predictive maintenance or troubleshooting. Easily check the status of the laser marker, even from a remote location.
The Next Generation Standard PLC: Robots x IoT
Now you should be quite familiar with the word IoT. However, can you tell what is required for PLC to get IoT ready? We introduce 2 key points here.
Know-How Guide for Static Elimination
The problems caused by static electricity can be divided into six categories as shown below. In the electronics components industry, the top three are major problems.
Suggestions for Improved Measurement and Inspection
In recent years, we have received inquiries about switching to non-contact measurements from many customers who use these types of systems.This guide uses examples to identify the problems with conventional methods and the advantages of switching to non-contact measurements.
ID Code Handbook
We think it is rather difficult to find a product does not come with any barcode at all, nowadays. This guidebook introduced the types of barcodes and the role. Good to keep this in your database for future reference.
What Inspection Solution Is Best? The Answer Is Here.
An appearance inspection checks for foreign matter, scratches, and defects on the surface of parts and products. In general, there are 5 inspection examples can fall under the scope of appearance inspections.