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Newsletter 2021

October 04, 2021

Subject :

Equipment Data Management with PLC

Fast and Large Data Management by PLC
In this article, we talk about the beauty of high speed and large data management in PLC, and also introduce on easy design and analysis on your factory facility. If you would like to skip all these reading, we can give you suggestions!
Please review most up-to-date line up knowledge of Machine Vision system available in Singapore with this book
Simultaneous 2D + 3D Inspection, Pattern Projection Lighting .... We cover most vision applications in this PDF. Otherwise it can be a unique application, so please let us know if you have any questions.
"Analogue" is not always just old. This is physically, stably, surely measuring with contact. But data is digital.
You might wonder analogue contact sensor is measuring just with spring and metal. No no. We use precision COMS sensor in so tiny pencil housing, to achieve the repeatability of 0.1um.
Have you seen yet?
Our smallest but strong new sensor LR-X Series.
This is smaller than your finger first joint (only 27mm), but so stable because of the WORLD FIRST Green Laser CMOS. All words aside, please take a look at the catalogue.
Back to Basics on How to Measure
Taking measurements can be quite complicated sometimes and you might easily choose a wrong method of measurement. Let us refresh again on the basic principles of measurement equipment and the types of displacement sensors / measurement systems.
Factory Laser Marker Digital Transformation
For manufacturers, the goal of DX is to create “digital twins.” These twins display the status of physical equipment in real-time. Digital twins depend on data integration and analysis, which is only possible when the twinned equipment can perform predictive maintenance. See more...
The World’s Observation Forefront
Take a quick look at KEYENCE’s latest features widely accepted throughout world’s universities, government institutions, enterprises, and factories.
BARCODE READERS and 2D CODE READERS, KEY Applications & Technologies
KEYENCE products provide numerous solutions to production-related problems. There are many issues related to new processes and high demand for electric vehicles for which KEYENCE offers solutions. Information regarding solutions KEYENCE can provide is shown in the following pages.