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Newsletter 2021

October 18, 2021

Subject :

Monitor Your Code Reader Remotely

The Best Way To Monitor Your Code Reader From Your Office
SR WEB Monitor function allows to monitor each device's status by entering IP address into the browser of a PC, tablet or smartphone. There's no need to develop a special program. See the visual information in the attached file.
Microscope for Oil
& Gas Industry ??
You may think what in the Oil & Gas industry people tend to see in microscope. Actually there are a lot. Corrosion, cutting tools, seals and gaskets... There are many hints to learn as thieir materials and tools are heavy duty!
When Two Opposite Concepts Become Together... It Becomes The Strongest
"Wide Field of View" and "High Resolution" is always an antinomy for vision applications for manufacturing. Last month, KEYENCE has launched the new 64 megapixel camera. A single image capture delivers a wider range with clear details for increased inspection stability. Check out the details now!
Measurement In The Semiconductor World
Here are some successful high accuracy measurement application examples from the semiconductor industry
This is the F1 in Measurement World.
KEYENCE IM-8000 Series that runs REALLY VERY FAST!!
The IM-8000 Series can measure the dimensions of machined parts within seconds for 300 points. Besides, no special mechanics needed as it detects and measures automatically for you. Check this out to know why.
"Analogue" is not always just old. This is physically, stably, surely measuring with contact. But data is digital
You might wonder analogue contact sensor is measuring just with spring and metal. No no. We use precision COMS sensor in so tiny pencil housing, to achieve the repeatability of 0.1um.
Have you seen yet? Our smallest but strong new sensor
LR-X Series.
This is smaller than your finger first joint (only 27mm), but so stable because of the WORLD FIRST Green Laser CMOS. All words aside, please take a look at the catalogue.
Autumn is good for studying Factory AUTOMation. Learn or call us how to manage equipment data.
In this article, we talk about the beauty of high speed and large data management in PLC, and also introduce on easy design and analysis on your factory facility. If you would like to skip all these reading, we can give you suggestions!