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Newsletter 2022

June 20, 2022

Subject :

Reduce Material Wastage and Reduce Defect Rates

Minimize Wasted Material Costs to Reduce Defect Rates
KEYENCE’s IM-8000 Series image dimension measurement system can instantly measure multiple parts all at once. This product can be easily used by anyone for increased dimensional measurement frequency.
Clear Observation and Measurement of Metal Surfaces with a 4K Microscope
The larger depth of field of KEYENEC’s 4K microscopes allows for clear observation with everything in focus. Other useful functions include automatic grain size measurement and high-accuracy analysis.
Introducing a Guidebook That Can Teach You How to Select a Laser Marker
Laser marker types vary depending on the wavelength of light, and different types are optimized for marking and processing different materials. Check out this guidebook that summarizes the characteristics of the different types in an easy-to-understand manner.
[Introduction to PLCs]
KV-8000 Beginner's Guide for Learning PLC Basics
This is a beginner’s guide to PLCs, which are the core of equipment control. It explains information ranging from the roles and main functions of PLCs to basic operations that users can employ to master PLCs. This is the optimal guide to use when training new users of PLCs.
Increased Quality Through Improved Welding Processes
We have collected our methods for improving welding on work sites into this guide. It introduces ways that you can improve your welding processes using a 2D/3D laser scanner.
Character Recognition Examples for Vision Systems
Ever had trouble inspecting characters or reading codes with a vision system? This collection of setting tips can help solve a variety of issues.
Easy Alignment of Safety Light Curtain Beam Axes
KEYENCE uses highly visible laser lights to make aligning light curtain beam axes incredibly easy.
Vision Sensor with AI-based Differentiation
Say goodbye to variations in vision sensor settings with built-in AI. Simply register good and bad samples to ensure stable detection regardless of operator experience.
Essential Basic Knowledge for 2D Codes
Regardless of industry, 2D codes are commonly used for managing products and recording information. This booklet offers basic knowledge on code types and structures that can be put to use in your operations.