The ONE PLC bringing a whole new concept of speed & storage

High-speed performance

Ultra-high-speed instruction execution and impressive responsiveness

Basic instruction execution: 0.96 ns [FASTEST IN INDUSTRY]

"KV VELOCE X3," our highest-performance engine optimised specifically for use with PLCs, enables speeds that are 10 times faster than conventional products.

Unit interrupt response speed: 4 μs [FASTEST IN INDUSTRY]

The new bus system "Ultra-high-speed CPU inner bus" and the new unit "S-Unit" enable impressive responsiveness.

I/O control: 170 times faster than conventional products

The impressive responsiveness of the CPU unit and expansion units enables a time of just 6 μs from input to output.

Analogue control: 20 times faster than conventional products

The buffering function makes use of the A/D conversion speed of 10 μs as-is, which enables sampling times as short as 10 μs.

Large capacity

A wide range of applications made possible by our new concept: freely usable memory

Device comment entry in up to 8 languages

Comments can be stored in up to 8 languages, so monitoring can be performed in a language that's familiar to the user.

SD card-free logging

Direct logging , SD card not required.

512k word file register

Level changes can be performed easily even for product models with numerous setting items.

Large-capacity CPU memory 64MB [BEST AMONG SIMILAR PRODUCTS]

Conventional memory has been limited in terms of programs and comment capacity, but the KV-7000 is different. It is equipped with large-capacity CPU memory that can be freely used to match the application.

Memory customisation function

The areas to be occupied for the project and for the user memory can be freely customised.

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