Programmable Logic ControllerKV-7000 series


Master/Local Unit


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CC-Link unit

CC-Link compatible

If acting as master station: Ver. 2.00, If acting as local station: Ver. 2.00/Ver. 1.10

Communication standard

Compliant with CC-Link Ver. 1.10

Number of exclusive connections

For local station: 1 to 4 stations

Maximum number of links for 1 system

Remote input and output (RLY): 9,440, Remote register (DM): Reading 2,048 words/Writing 2,048 words

Connection cable

Ver. 1.10 supported CC-Link dedicated cable (pair cables of twisted 3-core threads with shield: OP-79426, OP-79427)

Maximum cable length

Varies according to communication speed
156 kbps: 1200 m, 625 kbps: 900 m, 2.5 Mbps: 400 m, 5 Mbps: 160 m, 10 Mbps: 100 m (Maximum communication distance)

Transmission specification

Communication speed

156 kbps, 625 kbps, 2.5 Mbps, 5 Mbps, 10 Mbps

Connection topology


Operating station

Master station, master station (duplex), standby master station, local station

Operating mode

Online mode, offline mode, line test 1 mode, line test 2 mode

Transmission mode

Cyclic transmission, transient transmission

Internal current consumption

170 mA or less (supplied from the CPU unit)


Approx. 170 g

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