NEW Just Place the Part and Press the Button for High-Accuracy Measurement Multisensor Measurement System LM-X Series

Solve a Variety of Measurement Challenges with a Single System

Prone to Human Error

Result values vary because focusing, measurement points, and illumination methods differ from operator to operator.

With the LM-X Series

Accurate results regardless of operator


Measurement takes too long because it can only be performed after determining the positioning and coordinates.

With the LM-X Series


Difficult to Use

The narrow field of view makes measurement points hard to understand, so operators must be highly trained.

With the LM-X Series

Easy setup

Three Measurement Methods That Allow Anyone to Easily Measure with High Accuracy

Touch Probe Measurement

The probe can be moved freely vertically, horizontally, and at an angle, allowing the desired points to be measured with a low-pressure contact. Even parts with 3D shapes can be measured accurately.

Ultra-high-definition Image Measurement

The 50x optical zoom and 20-megapixel high-definition images allow even fine locations to be captured accurately, making high-accuracy (±0.1 µm) measurements a reality.

Laser Height Measurement

The built-in multi-colour laser instantaneously captures the height of the specified location on the part, allowing for accurate measurement regardless of the material of the part.

Simple “Place-and-Press” Measurement

No need to orientate or focus your parts.
The speed and ease-of-use of this product makes it possible to measure up to 5000 points on up to 1000 parts at the same time, drastically reducing the measurement time.

Measurement time

Conventional models

LM-X Series

Time required compared with conventional models: 1/5*

  • * Based on in-house sample measurement

High Accuracy Over a Large Area Provides Support for a Variety of Applications

Repeatability ±0.1µm

325 mm Large Stage

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