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          CMOS Analogue Laser Sensor

          IA series

          • I-SERIES Intelligent Sensor

          I-SERIES Intelligent Sensor

          In-Line, General-Purpose Analogue Laser Sensor with Low Cost & High Performance


          High-Accuracy Measurement

          High-Accuracy Measurement

          Supports a variety of work pieces [Measurement with higher stability]

          The IA Series automatically controls and optimises laser power according to the reflectance of the target. As a result, stable measurement is possible for almost any target from black rubber to shiny metal surfaces.

          Tough Head Structure

          Tough Head Structure

          Use in almost any environment [Die cast metal used for IP67/optical base]

          The head structure was redesigned to give the sensor the smallest body in its class and make it tough enough to withstand almost any environment. In addition, the optical base is made of die cast SUS304 for added strength and protection.

          Easy Installation

          Can be installed almost anywhere [Smallest body in its class]

          The IA Series makes use of a unique aspherical lens to achieve the smallest head housing in its class. Head dimensions are 36 mm × 48.5 mm × 22.6 mm* and the head weight is just 50 g* (not including cable). Minimising the installation space required and reducing the weight, make it ideal for mounting on moving parts.

          System Configurations

          System Configurations

          Analogue Output

          Multi-stage setting supported

          If analogue data is transmitted to a PLC, multilevel setting can be implemented to cover various workpieces, enabling a reduction in labor-hours.

          Device feedback

          Because the output is analogue, position information can be fed back and analogue control can be implemented.

          • I-SERIES Intelligent Sensor

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