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Introducing KEYENCE’s static elimination gun capable of removing any foreign particle Powerful dust removal x Ultra-robust design NEWUltra-durable, High-power Static Elimination Gun
SJ-LG Series

Impressive dust removal performance 3× more powerful

The device’s Laval nozzle structure—which is also used in jet engine technology—pushes out air at supersonic speeds. Adding ions to this ultra-high-speed air helps not only remove foreign particles but also keep particles from re-adhering.

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Ultra-robust all-in-one design

The device’s ultra-rugged body is equipped with a rubber protector capable of withstanding strong impacts, preventing breakage even when the device is dropped from 2.0 m. The long service life and highly durable design ensure the device can be used with confidence even in frequently used sites.

Drop resistance: 2.0 m

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Automotive Industry

Removing dust and preventing defective coating before vehicle body painting

Electronic/Electrical Industries

Removing foreign particles after PCB mounting

Resin/Film/Glass Industries

Dust removal during maintenance/
changeover of a crusher/ hopper

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