A New Era of High Resolution Inspection NEW Ultra-High Resolution Cameras
CV-X/XG-X Series

LumiTrax™-compatible 21 megapixels, Ultra-high resolution model 64 megapixels

Wide Field of View High Resolution

The new 64 megapixel camera significantly improves accuracy in conventional inspections.
A single image capture covers a wider area in clear detail for increased inspection stability.

64 megapixels Simplified Inspections with Greater Accuracy

Conventional Systems Multiple cameras required

Multiple cameras are needed for high-precision inspection and inspection of multiple locations on large targets, increasing costs.

New 64 Megapixel Camera Only one camera required for reduced costs

The entire target can be imaged with a single camera, without sacrificing accuracy, and inspection can be performed with the shortest possible machine takt time. This also helps simplify equipment installation.

21 megapixels High-Speed Operation with LumiTraxTM Support

Higher Resolution and Faster Operating Speeds

Image transfer time comparison(KEYENCE cameras)

Conventional Models (21 megapixels)

110 ms

New Products (21 megapixels)

20.2 ms

High-speed control of directional lighting for advanced imaging

Defect inspection for IC moulds

Camera with Built-in Angle Sensor

The built-in angle sensor makes camera installation significantly easier.
Quickly detect camera misalignment during operation.

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